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              Bringing green energy to life.
              Proactively working on the “four revolutions and one cooperation” new strategy for safe energy.
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              A globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency PV materials.
              GCL-Poly uses GCL Group’s massive-scale, industry-leading polysilicon production technique, devoting itself to the industrial application of such cutting-edge technologies as those of cast mono ingots and black silicon.
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              Drive for innovation and outstanding accomplishments in PV materials.
              A company with a firm hold on the direction of development of these materials, consistently maintaining its position as a trailblazer in the areas of polysilicon and silicon wafer technology.
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              Using PV power to create happiness and give people clean-energy lives.
              “Double core” industry strategy: upstream high-efficiency PV-material manufacturing + downstream PV-power station development, operation, and maintenance.
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              About gcl-poly
              Our products
                Silicon Materials
                GCL provides high-quality solar grade and semiconductor grade polysilicon raw materials, with N-type resistivity of polysilicon reaching 200 ~ 500 Ω?cm, and purity reaching 9-nines to 11-nines. ...
                Si Particles
                Founded 30 years ago and having been intensely involved in the polysilicon industry for 15 years, GCL is a pioneer and leader in China’s silicon and PV-material industry. ...
                Silicon Wafers
                GCL is creating an integrated development model for its silicon wafer business. By innovating on in-house R&D of capital equipment, and horizontally integrating into large-scale production ...
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              GCL-Poly is a globally leading polysilicon and silicon wafer supplier who provides high-quality and cost-efficient raw materials for solar power generation. Meanwhile, GCL-Poly is a world-class expert in providing solar farm solutions as well as the solar farm developer and operator. GCL-Poly owns a number of solar farms worldwide with extensive experiences in development, construction and operation of solar farms. In the

              future, GCL-Poly will continue to commit itself to the area of solar and green energy, expand its business of solar silicon material and solar power by means of investment and acquisition and eventually become a major green energy supplier in China or even in the world.